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Teeth whitening keeps Whitby smiles gleaming

It is natural to find white teeth appealing. To early man, it was a sign of youthful good health indicating a strong hunter and gatherer – a beneficial helpmate. That instinct has stayed with us. It is one of the reasons teeth whitening is so popular with men and women in the Whitby area.

Why teeth discolor

Extrinsic stains are in the outer layers of enamel. They occur when pigments become embedded in microscopic channels (called tubules). Abrasive toothpaste and aggressive brushing may scrape away some extrinsic stains. It also scratches the enamel, dulling teeth and leaving more grooves to trap stains, worsening the problem in the long term.

Even with good home hygiene and professional cleanings, teeth can discolor from:

  • Dark beverages such as coffee, cola, tea, and red wine.
  • Berries and other highly-pigmented foods.
  • Tobacco, including smokeless.
  • Certain medications that bind to calcium ions internally, causing intrinsic stains.
  • Thinning enamel that allows yellowish dentin to show through.

Whitening your way

Dr. Vig understands that your whitening goals, teeth, and lifestyle are unique. She offers a variety of whitening options.

When you need a brighter smile fast, Zoom! in-office treatment is a good choice. A prescription whitening agent is applied to teeth and activated with an LED light. Your teeth can be up to eight shades lighter in one visit of about an hour. Extra steps may be taken to minimize sensitivity.

Would you prefer to brighten your smile gently and gradually in the comfort of home? We create application trays, with customized design from impressions of your mouth. Fill the trays with medical-grade whitening gel and wear them for about an hour day or overnight if you prefer. Repeat until teeth are as white as you like.

Many patients opt for a combination approach – an in-office session followed-up with periodic at home treatment to maintain brilliance.

Teeth whitening is safe for adult patients with healthy teeth and gums. It can be performed alone, or in combination with other cosmetic services for a dramatic change.

Give your smile the appeal it deserves with teeth whitening at Trinity Family Dental in Whitby. Call 905-579-5551.

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