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Tooth extraction performed gently in Whitby

Dr. Roli Vig and her team are passionate about helping you keep natural, healthy teeth for a lifetime. That isn’t always possible, though. When tooth extraction is in the best interest of your oral or overall health, be assured it is performed in the gentlest manner possible at Trinity Family Dental in Whitby.

When extraction is sensible

  • Severe damaged from untreated decay.
  • Infection or abscess (which can spread to other tissues).
  • Broken beneath the gum line.
  • Loose from advanced periodontal disease.
  • Crowded teeth.
  • Impacted third molars.
  • Wisdom teeth that do not come in properly, causing discomfort or putting healthy teeth at risk.
  • In preparation for orthodontics or dentures.

The procedure

The dentist performs a thorough examination and takes x-rays. Then your mouth is thoroughly numbed. The tooth is rocked side to side, to loosen connective ligaments, and lifted from the socket. If the tooth is large, the dentist may cut it into several portions for easier extraction and reduced tissue trauma. A few dissolving sutures may be placed to hasten healing. Nitrous oxide conscious sedation is an option for patients who are nervous about the procedure, or for improved comfort in the event of several extractions.

You receive aftercare instructions to promote speedy healing, and possibly antibiotics or pain medications. Dry socket is a primary concern. This condition results when the protective blood clot is dislodged before the socket has healed, exposing nerves in the jaw. The dentist shares tips for avoiding dry socket. Most extractions are uneventful. You may return to work the next day and begin adding solid foods back into your diet within a few days. Gums generally close over in a week or two.

After an extraction

It is important to replace a missing tooth, to keep remaining teeth from shifting out of position, allow full chewing function, and maintain the appearance of your smile. Dr. Vig or Dr. Thakkar explain your choices, including a partial denture, fixed dental bridge, or dental implant. Replacement can be pursued when healing is complete.

Do you need tooth extraction? Call Trinity Family Dental in Whitby at 905-579-5551 for gentle care.

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