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Whitby dentist suggests sports mouthguard and night guard protection

Each year, dental injuries impact the smiles of hundreds of Canadian kids, and the wallets of their parents. Nighttime grinding and clenching compromise the oral health of countless adults. Most of this trauma and wear can be avoided with proper protection. Dr. Roli Vig in Whitby is happy to custom fit a sports mouthguard or night guard that feels secure and comfortable.

Quality and fit make a difference in sports mouthguards

Hockey is loaded with opportunities for oral injuries, from a puck, stick, or a fall on the ice. Yet many other activities can result in an unexpected elbow or tumble. A properly fitted sports mouthguard eliminates most chances of a chipped, broken, or avulsed (knocked out) tooth, or root damage. It also reduces the risk of a fractured jaw or concussion.

Yet, most people quickly tire of wearing off the shelf or boil-and-bite guards. Why? They feel bulky and are not comfortable. They also affect performance if they inhibit free breathing and swallowing.

Dr. Vig and her team create customized sports mouthguards. They are molded to the athlete’s mouth for a personalized fit. Because the guard stays securely in place, it provides the highest level of protection. Yet you breathe naturally and can even speak with it inserted.

Benefit of wearing a night guard

The average person applies about 170 pounds of pressure on molars when biting down. A bruxer – someone who grinds and clenches excessively – does this continually, including during sleep. It dramatically increases strain on the teeth and jaws. Symptoms of bruxism include:

  • Worn down teeth.
  • Fractures and chips.
  • Sensitive teeth.
  • Headaches.
  • Aching jaw.

A night guard is a dental appliance made of smooth, thermoplastic material. It is designed specifically for the unique contours of your mouth. The night guard reduces pressure on the jaw and cushions impact on teeth.

Sports mouthguards and night guards are cost-effective prevention – the expense is much less than treating an oral injury or the effects of bruxing.

Schedule a visit with Dr. Vig or Dr. Thakkar to learn how easy it is to be fitted for a sports mouthguards and night guards. The number in Whitby is 905-579-5551.

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