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Sedation reduces dental anxiety for Whitby patients

Countless individuals, both genders and all ages, put their teeth and health at risk by avoiding professional dental care. Their anxiety is real, and so are the consequences. Dr. Roli Vig offers dental sedation to help patients in the Whitby area get the care they need.

Causes of dental anxiety

There are many levels of dental phobia. It may present as vague apprehension at the idea of making an appointment, or cold dread in the face of necessary treatment. The concern is usually founded in a past unfavorable experience in the chair, or the exaggerated stories of others. Some people find the lights, sounds, and smells of a dental operatory unsettling, or have personal closeness or control issues. Most common is a simple fear of needles and pain.

No laughing matter

Regardless of the cause, dental anxiety keeps many people from seeing a dentist, sometimes for years. Even with excellent home hygiene, this course of action eventually leads to problems. Nitrous oxide sedation can be a big help in getting immediately-needed care, and in overcoming dental phobia in the long term.

While nitrous oxide produces some analgesic effect, it is not a pain block. Local numbing may still be needed. Rather, “laughing gas” calms anxiety responses in the brain, producing a carefree state of mind that also relaxes the body.

This form of sedation can be a good choice:

  • For a patient who is apprehensive about treatment.
  • To soothe a frightened child.
  • To make treatment time pass quickly.
  • For reduced jaw, neck, and body fatigue, and tissue trauma.
  • For someone with an active gag reflex.

Nitrous oxide is combined with oxygen in a pleasantly-scented flow, administered through a mask over the nose. It takes effect in a few seconds and wears off almost immediately after the flow is stopped so you can drive or return to work. In trained, experienced hands, nitrous oxide conscious sedation is safe for children and most adult patients.

Are you ready to get your mouth into good shape and start looking forward to dental visits? Call Trinity Family Dental in Whitby at 905-579-5551 for the option of sedation.

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