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Root canal treatment saves teeth in Whitby

While modern dentistry provides several sound options to replace a missing tooth, most people would rather keep their natural teeth whenever possible. Root canal treatment from Dr. Roli Vig and her team at Trinity Family Dental in Whitby make that possible for many patients.

When root canal therapy is needed

You may have an intermittent toothache, or an area of the mouth that feels tender when you bite down. Sometimes a tooth develops internal discoloration. In most cases, acute pain occurs suddenly, possibly with facial or mouth swelling, or a visible abscess.

These symptoms strike when oral bacteria invade the pulp chamber at the center of the tooth. They gain access from deep, untreated tooth decay, through a microscopic crack, or where a piece of tooth has broken off.

The pulp chamber holds blood supply and nerves, extending through canals into tooth roots. Bacterial attack causes infection and inflames nerves. Root canal therapy is usually the only alternative to extracting the tooth.

The procedure

  • Root canal treatment is about like having a filling done; the procedure just takes a little longer.
  • Top priority is relieving the pain caused by infection, accomplished with thorough numbing.
  • The tooth is opened. This immediately alleviates pressure and discomfort.
  • The dentist removes decayed or damaged tooth structure.
  • Using endodontic instruments and a precise technique, pulp and nerves are cleaned out of the chamber and canals.
  • The inside of the tooth is sanitized, and the opening is sealed.
  • Usually, a temporary restoration is placed.
  • You return in a few weeks. The temporary is replaced with a strong porcelain crown that protects the tooth and reinstates full chewing function.
  • You may be given a prescription for antibiotics or pain medication. However, residual discomfort can usually be managed with over-the-counter analgesics.

Once the crown restoration is complete, no special care is needed. Simply brush and floss normally and maintain regular exam appointments at Trinity Family Dental. With good oral hygiene, the tooth may remain in your mouth for a lifetime!

We hope you never need root canal treatment, but if you do, you can count on our Whitby team for gentle care. Call 905-579-5551.

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