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Whitby Trinity Dental Clinic

Preventative care in Whitby for healthy smiles

Dr. Roli Vig and her team build compassionate, lasting relationships with patients. We don’t want our friends to be hurting! That’s why preventative care at our Whitby office is so important.

At-home helps

We recommend the following, and are happy to provide a hands-on demonstration of proper techniques:

  • Brush often – At minimum, morning and before bedtime. Bacteria thrive in your mouth, feeding on starches and sugars from meals, snacks, and beverages. Their acidic excretions cause tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. Your body tries to flush the mouth naturally with saliva, but bacteria build up during the night when you swallow less.
  • Floss nightly – Flossing cleans about 30 percent of tooth surface area that toothbrush bristles cannot reach. Without flossing, plaque is likely to harden into tartar at the gum line, irritating soft tissues.
  • Beneficial products – The pharmacy has aisles filled with toothpastes, brushes, mouth rinses, and more. We can recommend the most appropriate for your oral condition and lifestyle.
  • Eating habits – A healthy mouth begins within. Do you need guidance on swapping acidic, high-sugar, and empty-calorie choices for a more nutritious diet that promotes oral wellness? We can help!

In-office aids

Regular hygiene and exam appointments are crucial to preventative care. For most patients, this should occur every six months; more often for those with gum disease or other health conditions that impact the teeth and gums. During these checkups, teeth are thoroughly cleaned, and X-rays, periodontal assessment, and oral cancer screening help to intercept potential problems early. In addition, we may recommend topical fluoride treatment or dental sealants to reduce the risk of getting cavities.

Benefits of preventative care

  • Breath smells fresher.
  • Your smile looks more attractive with sparkling teeth and healthy gums.
  • You feel better without toothaches and other dental problems.
  • No dental restoration feels or functions better than strong, natural teeth. Preventative care helps you keep them, for a lifetime.
  • It is cost effective. A single filling or other treatment can easily exceed the annual cost of preventive care.

Let Trinity Family Dental help you enjoy a vibrant smile. Schedule preventative care at our Whitby office by calling 905-579-5551.

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