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Whitby Trinity Dental Clinic

Oral care and comprehensive exams help Whitby patients avoid dental problems

Dr. Roli Vig and her team at Trinity Family Dental in Whitby practice with an overarching focus on prevention. Their passion is helping patients avoid unnecessary discomfort, inconvenience, and expense associated with extensive dental work. Prevention and maintenance of a healthy mouth starts with experienced oral care and a comprehensive exam.

Importance of professional cleaning

Each day, you have the chance to clear harmful oral bacteria and plaque from mouth surfaces with effective brushing and flossing. Yet, even the best home hygiene leaves stubborn deposits in hidden crevices you cannot see or reach.

Each checkup begins with a teeth cleaning procedure. The hygienist uses professional instruments to remove stains, plaque, and hardened tarter. She gets between teeth, into grooves and pits in enamel, and below the gum line. The hygienist notes any potential problems she sees, for the dentist’s further inspection.

Then teeth get a gleaming polish. You get fresher breath, sparkling teeth, and a reduced risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

In-depth examination

A comprehensive exam at Trinity Family Dental includes:

  • Physical evaluation – the dentist checks each tooth for signs of trauma or tooth decay and monitors oral development in children.
  • X-rays may be taken to reveal decay between teeth that is not visible.
  • Screening for periodontal disease. Probing and charting pocket depth helps to determine if treatment for gum disease is needed.
  • Oral cancer screening. Early detection dramatically improves treatment outcomes and prognosis.

How often?

For most people with reasonably good health and conscientious home care, hygiene and exam appointments twice a year are adequate. However, if you are managing gum disease, or have uncontrolled diabetes or other health or dental issues, you may be advised to come in more frequently. This personalized level of attention is the hallmark of Dr. Vig’s care.

The cost of regular oral care and comprehensive exams is far less than the expense of dental treatment and is covered by many insurance plans. It is a cost-effective investment in your dental wellness and your smile.

Schedule oral care and a comprehensive exam for each member of your family with a call to Trinity Family Dental in Whitby at 905-579-5551.

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