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Whitby Trinity Dental Clinic

Whitby dentists enjoy creating dentures

Dr. Vig and Dr. Thakkar at Trinity Family Dental find dentures to be a most rewarding area of practice. They see the difference natural-looking, great-fitting dentures make in confidence and quality of life for their Whitby area patients.

Types of dentures

  • Partial denture – When one or several teeth are missing in an arch, a partial denture can be an excellent choice. The removable prosthetic clips to existing teeth for stability and keeps natural teeth from shifting out of position.
  • Full denture – A full denture replaces all teeth in an arch. It is removable, held in place by natural suction. Several levels of affordability are available, depending on materials and techniques used.
  • Immediate denture – In some cases, a full denture can be designed in advance, and inserted on the day teeth are extracted. You don’t have to be seen without teeth, and the denture helps to protect your mouth as it heals. Fit can be adjusted by relining the denture.
  • Implant supported denture – A denture can be held in place with dental implants, for increased stability. If you are interested in an implant-retained denture, we provide referral to an appropriate specialist, and work closely with that professional.

Denture process

Because fit is so crucial to comfortable wear, the denture process requires several steps. It may begin with extractions. Then impressions are taken after gums have healed. Wax rims placed into the mouth help the dentist establish proper occlusion – bite and orientation of upper teeth to lowers. You have input into the size, shape, and shading of teeth. This information goes to a dental laboratory, where a mock-up – plastic teeth set in wax – is created. At a try-in session, you decide if you are happy with the general look and feel, or if changes are needed. Then the final denture is fabricated. Minor adjustments are made, and you go home with a new smile and instructions for adapting to and caring for your denture. A follow-up appointment is scheduled so that the dentist can monitor your comfort.

Call Trinity Family Dental in Whitby to schedule a compassionate denture consultation – 905-579-5551.

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