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Family dentistry care in Whitby for every stage of life

From birth, your mouth is continually evolving. Many factors influence those changes, including diet, environment, lifestyle, medical history, and genetics. That is one of the reasons family dentistry makes great sense. It allows the team at Trinity Family Dental in Whitby to build a strong base of familiarity with your family’s traits, to anticipate, prevent, and intercept potential problems.

Changing needs

  • Babies – Based on guidelines of the Ontario Dental Association, we recommend scheduling a first visit about the time your child turns a year old. We do our best to make visits pleasant and low-stress for everyone involved. These experiences form the foundation for a good lifetime attitude toward dental care. The dentist assesses oral development, and answers your questions about topics such as nutrition, thumb sucking, pacifiers, and baby bottle tooth decay.
  • Kids and “tweens” – Reducing risk of tooth decay is a priority with pediatric patients. Topical fluoride treatment strengthens natural defenses of tooth enamel, and dental sealants protect molars from decay. As your child grows, we monitor the need for orthodontics, and can custom-fit a mouth guard for defense against sports injuries.
  • Young adults – It is easy to let good hygiene habits slip during first experiences away from home. Return checkups to the familiar family dentist are essential to keep oral health on track. Gum disease often gets a start during adult years.
  • Empty-nesters – The kids are grown, and the mortgage is paid. Now it is time to invest in your own smile. We have cosmetic dentistry services that restore youthful radiance.
  • Seniors – Mature patients have special dental needs, from chronic dry mouth resulting from medications to dentures that look natural and fit comfortably. We enjoy seeing these patients smile at the outcome of treatment.

Benefits of family dentistry

We are proud that Whitby families trust us with their oral health and happy smiles. We say thank you with the convenience of appointments for multiple family members scheduled consecutively.

We are so passionate about family dentistry that it is even in our name! Call Trinity Family Dental in Whitby at 905-579-5551 to book appointments for your family.

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